Accordion Fold Template – Download – True to Size!


Accordion Fold Template – Download – True to Size!


Accordion Fold Template – Download – True to Size!

You will receive all my pdf’s for free when you buy only one for $2.00!!! A coupon will be sent to your email and you can go in anytime and download any pdf for free. The coupon NEVER expires!!! I will be downloading more pdf’s very soon!  All PDF’s will have an assembly video so you know how to put them together.

I made this template in AutoCad and it is true to size!  Print it out and keep for your records.

This is a downloaded pdf.  You will receive this download as soon as payment is made.

Watch my How to Order a Accordion Fold Card Template video.  Get a true to size downloadable template.  I created this in our AutoCAD engineering software so it’s 100% accurate.  I use that software at my real job so all the templates I make downloadable in the future will be the same.  You can even print them on the Stampin’ Up! cardstock and cut it out.

Watch the assembly video:




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