Happy Holidays Everyone!  This is my end of the year look back on 2021.  Watch my over 150 Stampin Up Cards and 86 Card Tutorial Videos. These are all my videos from 2021.  See you again in This is also my last video on 2021.  See you again in January.  Below is the summery video of all the cards and techniques I’ve done this year.  Don’t forget to go to the bottom of this post for my Christmas goody recipes!  Below the summery video are all the individual videos in the order they are displayed in the summary.  20 People who subscribe, like and put a comment on the summery video will receive a Free Mystery Demo card.  If you’re already a subscriber you can win too!  Merry Christmas!


Watch my Over 150 Stampin Up Cards video:



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Joy of Cards 2021



Welcoming Window

Air date 7/22/21


Time of Giving

Air date 10/12/21


Sweet Strawberry

Air date 02/18/21


Sweet Ice Cream

Air date 01/28/21


Garden Birdhouses

Air date 02/18/21


Merry Snowflakes

Air date 10/24/21


Stickers Tutorial

Air date 02/18/21


Night Sky Peaceful Deer

Air date 11/14/21


Pastels Techniques

Air Date 9/15/21


Delicate Dahlias

Air date 09/09/21


Christmas Tags

Air date 11/04/21


Evergreen Elegance Box

Air date 11/11/21


Painting Gift Card Box

Air date 11/7/21


In the Moment

Air date 11/21/21


Shaded Summer Pastels

Air date 09/26/21


Snailed it

Air date 02/04/21


Spiral Dye

Air date 06/24/21


Alcohol Blending

Air date 03/14/21


Sept Paper Pumpkin

Air date 10/10/21


Prettiest Birthday

Air date 02/11/21


Friends Are Like Seashells Pearlescent Tutorial

Air date 01/14/21


Seashells Pearlescent

Air date 01/14/21


Pop Up Valentines Day

Air date 02/7/21


Peaceful Place

Air date 08/19/21


Penguin Place Fun Fold

Air date 08/22/21


August Paper Pumpkin

Air date 08/25/21


May Paper Pumpkin

Air date 05/20/21


Feb Paper Pumpkin

Air date 02/25/21


July Paper Pumpkin

Air date 08/01/21


January Paper Pumpkin

Air date 01/27/21


Pansy Patch Coloring Technique Series #1

Air date 05/30/21


Pansy Patch Series #3

Air date 06/06/21


Pansy Patch Series #4

Air date 06/10/21


Pansy Patch Series #5

Air date 06/13/21


Fun Fold Nothings Better Than

Air date 04/01/21


Blog Hop Birds & Branches

Air date 11/16/21


October Paper Pumpkin

Air date 10/28/21


Night Sky Pastels

Air date 09/23/21


Note Cards Bunches of Fun

Air date 10/07/21


Alcohol Blending Mother’s Day

Air date 03/14/21


Masculine/Feminine Graduation Card Best Year

Air date 05/13/21


Fun Fold Birthday Days to Remember

Air date 07/25/21


Fun Fold Birthday Whiskey Business

Air date 06/27/21


March Mystery Card

Air date 03/18/21


4 Techniques Artic Bears & Give it a Whirl

Air date 08/12/21


Paint Background Honeybee Home

Air date 12/05/21


Laminated Card Jar of Flowers

Air date 02/28/21

Laminated Technique Treasures of Life

Air date 02/21/21


July Mystery Card Lovely You

Air date 07/29/21


June Blog Hop Hand Penned Petals

Air date 06/15/21


Laminated Flowering Blooms

Air date 02/28/21


Hydrangea Haven

Air date 03/28/21


Inspiring Canopy

Air date 05/23/21


Offset & Shadow Sentiments

Air date 10/31/21


Paint a Rainbow Angels of Peace

Air date 08/05/21


Fun Fold Clever Cats

Air date 10/14/21


Emboss w/Embossing Folder

Air date 10/21/21


Hey Chick

Air date 02/14/21


Happy Holly Days

Air date  08/29/21


Gilded Leafing

Air date 01/03/21



Give it a Whirl Assembly

Air date 08/08/21


Graduation Money Card

Air date 05/09/21


Fun Fold Peek a Boo Hand Penned Petals

Air date 05/06/21


Fun Fold You’re a Peach

Air date 07/11/21


Friends Are Like Seashells

Air date 01/17/21


Fun Fold Sharing Sunshine

Air date 07/18/21


Fun Fold Money

Air date 07/15/21


Sweet Ice Cream

Air date 01/21/21


Emboss/Refill Blending Pens

Air date 04/29/21


Easy Swap Card Flowers of Friendship

Air date 05/16/21


Pastels Technique Feels Like Home

Air date 09/19/21


Pop-Up Daffodil Daydream

Air date 12/16/21


Field Journal

Air date 03/21/21


Assembly Tutorial Daffodil Daydream

Air date 12/12/21


Brother Scan n Cut – Poinsettia Petals

Air date 09/12/21


Butterfly Brilliance

Air date 04/08/21


Counting Sheep

Air date 09/30/21


Art Gallery with Busy DS Paper

Air date 01/10/21


Art Gallery Using Busy DS Paper

Air Date 1/7/21



Awesome Otters Jan to June 2022 Sale-a-bration

Air date 12/02/21


Blog Hop Masculine Card

Air date 08/17/21


April Paper Pumpkin Alternatives

Air date 05/02/21



2 in 1 Scalloped Contours

Air date 04/22/21



Etched in Nature

Air date 04/18/21



Color & Contour Partial Die Cut

Air date 04/25/21



Fun Fold Mystery Card

Air date 09/02/21



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